Fashion Designing - 2 Year Advance Diploma

Study and Structure of Apparel Industry

The student will get knowledge about the structure of apparel industry. The study of role, function and importance of different department of an apparel industry will form the basis of this course.

  • Structure of clothing Industry
  • Sectors of clothing industry
  • Product Types and Organization
  • Different Department of Apparel Industry
  • Garment Costing, Designers Role
  • Merchandise Pricing
  • Production Methods
  • Marketing

Learning Outcome

This course enables the student to deal in the industry in different department e.g. Quality, Production, Dispatch and Merchandise etc.

Subject’s learning sums up in the Project: “Pret Line”

Technical Fashion Sketches

Students will learn to illustrate male and female croquis. The study of stylized croquis will form the basis of this course.

  • Men illustration
  • Sketching
  • Technical Drawing
  • Women
  • Developing your own style

Learning outcome

Non-Textile Garment: Learned exploring 3-d & 2-d fashion illustration.

Flipside: Explored live human Sketches and stylized men and women illustration.

Pret Line: Learned group composition for displaying a collection range.

After this course the student can develop their won free hand styling of male and female illustrations using 2D & 3D artworks.

Drafting & Pattern Making

In this subject, the student will learn pattern development and various draping styles for men and women.

  • Men
  • Women
  • Draping

Learning outcome

Topic Subjected to develop an understanding of how woven fabric falls on a body and can be tied using different materials in the project “Garment without a stitch”.

Advance Tailoring Techniques

The study of the construction of women and men clothing will form the basis of this course.

  • Different Between construction of men and women garments.
  • Men
  • Women
  • Basic Draping

Learning outcome

Non- Textile Garment: Explored to drape the non-textile material on the Dress form.

Flipside: Understood the basic pattern making of the men garment and adaptation for the project.

Unisex: Explored technicalities for the uniform construction.

Prêt Line: Explored various draping techniques and advanced women’s pattern construction.

This course enhances the student’s ability to create men and women wear according to the industrial standards.

Textile and Embroidery

Students will learn about Traditional Textiles- Embroideries, their motifs and techniques.

  • History of Indian Textiles
  • Study of printed and Painted Textiles of India
  • Appliqué of Orissa
  • Embroideries

Learning outcome

Non-Textile Garment:  Explored to develop the surface design for non-textile material.

Unisex Fashion: Explored various Indian tradition of embroideries, textile dyeing, and printing methods.

Prêt Line: Explored own surface design and documented its techniques through the collection.

This course enhances student’s knowledge about Indian textiles and embroideries which can be utilized in future to create new designs.

Certificate You Will Get :-


Manish Malhotra Online Classes Certificate


Design Process

The subject exposes the student to the various processes involved in design development and also the basics of research and its tool.

  • Introduction to fashion
  • Introduction to Design Process
  • Client Profile
  • Inspiration and its Source
  • Theme
  • Style
  • Mood Board
  • Story Boarding
  • Specification Board for Design Variation
  • Final Layout and Composition of Design
  • Mens wear Fashion
  • Unisex Fashion
  • Prêt Line
  • Photography

Learning outcome

Non-Textile Garment: Understood and explored the basics toots of research method and design processes.

Flipside: Development an ability f visual sensitivity to form and function: to create, analyse, and understand. Explored the Reverse design process.

Unisex Fashion: Understood the development of T-shirt and its motifs by using design process tools.

Prêt Line: Developed an extension of designer range with proper production sheets and documentation.

Fashion Designing