Fashion Designing - 3 Year B.Sc. Degree

Couture Tailoring

In this subject, the students will be introduced to the couture art and expression of fine soft dressmaking with the understanding of high-end draping.

  • Draping
  • Pattern Grading
  • Pattern Making and Garment Construction

Learning Outcome

Ability to drape using different fabrics and also to grade the pattern and developing it according to your own client.

The capability of developing couture garment.

Decorative Fabrics & Materials

The aim of the subject is to provide the knowledge about different decorative fabrics, materials and techniques used for making garments. Also about the fabrics & techniques that are used by various designers for Couture Tailoring.

  • Fabrics History & Types
  • Textile Ornamentation
  • Types of Texture
  • Other Methods of Decoration

Learning outcome

Developing ability to create surface design to meet the couture fashion.

Creative Embroideries and Embellishment

This is very important for a fashion designer to have good understanding of embroidery, embellishment and manipulation techniques around the globe, to create innovative and contemporary textile.

  • Population embellishment and techniques
  • Haute Couture, Atelier
  • Irish Textile- Linen
  • Victorian Corsets
  • France- Knitting and clay basket
  • Greece-lace and Crochet
  • South Africa-Stencil Print and Ribbon Accessories
  • China-Silk Painting and Clay accessory
  • Japan-Silk Painting and Hand Fan
  • Dutch-Embroidery and Weaving
  • Arabic and Turkish Macramé
  • Scotland-Weaving
  • Australia-Leather

Learning outcome

Develops visually interpretation and sense to identify different styles of various cultures of the world by using their art and craft techniques by creating looks on Dolls under Project “DOLL”.

This course enhances student’s knowledge about global embellishment and embroideries which can be utilized in future to create new designs.

Fashion Concept and Design Development

Fashion Concept & Design Development introduction the students to complete preliminaries of a portfolio development step by step. The course aims to teach all skills and knowledge that go into the making of a professional designer.

  • Fashion Terms
  • Research Practices
  • The Fashion industry- Design Process
  • Learners Design Book
  • Who is Muse?
  • Different genres of fashion illustrators
  • Empathy and Develop key insights- Seeking emotions, story & Motivation
  • Event Study
  • Design History
  • Prototyping
  • Customizing your portfolio

Learning outcome

Initiate, develop and bring to completion a research project in the philosophy, theory, practice, history and/or sociology of fashion design, both types of research in the field.

Gather, analyze, assess and present knowledge gained through research, in a form of the portfolio.

Demonstrate, where appropriate, a critical understanding of the relationship between fashion design research and fashion practice, and knowledge of the role and importance of ethics and responsibility to a research project.

Retail Marketing and Visual Merchandising

The aim of the subject is to enable student to appreciate the unique aspects and concepts of marketing, retail marketing and visual merchandising. It focuses attention on apparel business giving a thorough knowledge of merchandising.

  • Marketing
  • Marketing Process
  • Analysing Consumer Behavior
  • Product Planning and Life Cycle
  • Retailing and Merchandising
  • Visual Merchandising

Learning outcome

This course outline provides the essential information required to work as the visual merchandiser in the retail sector.

Care Renovation and Finishing of Textiles

The subject aims to inculcate and awareness about finishes and care techniques for the different types of textiles.

  • Finishing
  • Routine finishing
  • Aesthetic Finishes
  • Functional Finishes
  • Care and Renovation of Textile
  • Laundering and Storage
  • Thesis

Learning outcome

It effectively communicates the researches the types of finishes and care handling of textile.

Summarize research question, methods, outcomes and significance in the form of an abstract.

Promotional Product Development

Products or services will not be sold unless people are told about them.

So, in this subject, the students are going to be introduced with the values outlined steps for creating an effective brand identity and developing product valuable insights, exploration process of promotions and more.

  • History of Brands
  • Today’s Structure of Branding
  • Brand identity and value
  • Brand Positioning
  • Comparative study of brands
  • Establishment your brand identity
  • Promotional Activities
  • Communicating brand values in store and Online
  • Managing the Brand

Learning outcome

Ability to develop marketing strategies based on product price, place and promotion objectives.

Analyze the expanding environment of media and communication techniques.

Develop creative strategies for advertising.

Assess strategic uses of sales promotions

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Manish Malhotra Online Classes Certificate

University Certificate - Degree